Surfing the Urge (audio)

This guided audio is a companion to the last post entitled, “Caught by a Pesky Habit? Try Surfing!” Sometimes when we are trying to let go of habits that don’t serve us, the urges we feel can be quite strong. Psychologist Alan Marlatt suggests that we surf the urge and offers a process he calls SOBER.

  • S: Stop
  • O: Observe
  • B: Breathe
  • E: Expand
  • R: Respond mindfully

We are adding another step and calling it SOBER-C, where the C means celebrate.

In this audio, we go through each step as you experience an urge that you struggle with. If you find this process helpful, play it as many times as you need to as a support in dropping your habit.

Click Download. The audio will open in a new window. Then for Mac’s, control-click, then “Save video as…”. For PC’s, right click.

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