A Brief Guide to the Power of Love

Note: This is the third in a series of posts to inspire and support awakened living. The first post asked, “Is Your Deepest Longing a Part-Time Hobby?,” and the second post addressed the value of studying our habits.

“Put away all hindrances, let your mind full of love pervade one quarter of the world, and so too the second quarter, and so the third, and so the fourth. And thus the whole wide world, above, below, around and everywhere, altogether continue to pervade with love-filled thought, abounding, sublime beyond measure, free from hatred and ill-will.”

This is not a post about loving yourself, as that is impossible. You can’t love what you already are. But some parts of us were left out when this understanding was passed around. You know them – the hurts, fears, and defenses we cling to. When we are sucked in by them, we feel anything but love.

If you want to awaken to your brilliance, here’s what you need to know: love heals.

The Antidote to Suffering

Love is the healing balm, the medicine for all ills, the great equalizer. When we are peaceful and open, when our hearts quiver in recognition when we meet each other. The culprit? Love.

It is true: we can stop all our struggles dead in their tracks, then we are free. Flood them with love – every time. These “pretend” parts of ourselves – the ones that think we are limited and unworthy – they just can’t survive the power of love. Once they are seen and embraced, they melt back into their source, and wholeness is realized once again.

Notice Love Everywhere

The starting point for this practice is to notice your natural open-heartedness. When you look, you will find it everywhere.

  • What are you grateful for?
  • Who do you feel close to?
  • When do you give effortlessly?
  • What makes you feel tender and compassionate?
  • When does your heart sing with joy?

The commonality in all of these experiences is love. When we let the objects go – the thing we are grateful for, the situation that brings joy – we meet in the infinite oneness of love. Right now, can you sense it? It’s so real.

The more we recognize all the faces of love, the more it becomes our experience. Do you want to be peaceful and happy? Notice it, inhabit it, play in it, drown in it. Remember the ease of effortless being.

Offer Love Where It Was Once Denied

Then, in the midst of this vast, loving space, the seemingly wounded places within ourselves pop up in our everyday lives – the habitual strategies and defensive postures. They feel dense and confining. When under their spell, we try so hard to be satisfied and fulfilled, yet wonder why we end up feeling alienated and resigned.

Each rigid belief system, each grudge and tender feeling exist because there was a time in our lives when love was denied. We didn’t have the strength, understanding, or support to feel our painful emotions. They split off from the whole, hidden outside our awareness, trying to help but longing for resolution.

All it takes is love. Where the body is contracted or vacant, flood it with love. When difficult feeling states appear, let them be immersed in it. Let it flow through your brain to touch every expectation and judgment, every sad story that won’t stop repeating, every thought that doesn’t serve you or anyone else.

In the moment of suffering, then love overflowing, the edges wither and the hard nut of the pain dissolves. Really. Can a leaf stay attached to a tree in the face of a tsunami? The power of true loving awareness truly heals.

If love is the medicine, here are the risks. A glorious life beyond your wildest dreams. Happiness beyond measure. Intimacy that is closer than close.

Do you want relief from suffering? Love heals. What are you waiting for?

image: Alyssa Miller

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  1. avatar says

    I must say…I am so glad I read this today. I’m off to present something later this morning, and it’s also something that I’ll be speaking directly from my heart (…and that’s not necessarily easy for me). I keep telling myself that it matters not what others think, if I am truly happy with what I’ve shared. Still, there are moments when self-doubt sneaks in. So, reading your words today, this really is such good, good timing for me.

    I WILL let love flow over my body…now. A medicine so worth taking today…and always…
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..Sunday Thought For The Day =-.

    • avatar says


      I believe what you say, but I can’t imagine you have a hard time speaking from you heart. You do it so beautifully on your blog.

      Yes, self-doubt. A common human experience. But no match for the power of love. And when the self-doubt comes – another opportunity to remind ourselves of what is true.

      I have a feeling your presentation will go very well. Please share about it, if you feel like it.

      Love and love…

      • avatar says

        You are sweet…thank you!

        Speaking from my heart can, at times, feel much more out of my element, than writing from my heart. (I guess that’s some of that self-doubt sneaking in…).

        And today…I DID speak from my heart, and it flowed wonderfully, and the words came easily. Love most certainly flowed over my body…and it felt so, so good…
        .-= Lance´s last blog ..Sunday Thought For The Day =-.

  2. avatar says

    To my Darling,

    We two believe that somewhere in the vastness of the universe, a creative and guiding spirit exists. We believe it is a source of infinite power we cannot comprehend and the knowledge of its existence shrinks the importance of our lives to that which approaches naught. We believe that man’s efforts to formulate that spiritual existence into a religion are pointless.

    But our lives are all we have and therefore we treasure them and each moment they encompass, even though our time is fleeting in the overall. What makes our lives important is not our place on this little blue planet orbiting its miniscule sun in a scarcely noteworthy galaxy lost in the universe. Nor is it the duration of the fleeting moment in which we live and die. For nothing that can be measured is of significance to the creative spirit.

    It is only that which cannot be measured by ruler, by scale or by clock that makes us remarkable. Greatest among these immeasurable attributes is our love. It is a love that encompasses the universe and transcends time. I truly believe that our love is so great that it has caught the attention of the spirit of creation and that it will never ever fade.


    • avatar says

      Anthony, my brother, my self,

      Your words blow me away. They melt any remaining idea of myself, and what remains? Love. But the word doesn’t even come close to capturing it, does it?

      And all those beliefs you mentioned? They, too, dissolve into the direct experience of the infinite. No thing, no self, no mind…only love.

      Thank you so much for your powerful and fiery words this Sunday morning. I’m so glad to meet you, my true friend…

  3. avatar says

    oh my goodness! this is hilarious synchronicity! I just wrote my post today called “a brief guide to experiencing love everywhere’ then checked my email to find your post!
    WOW! Love must be really vocal about getting its message out quickly. :)
    I love the when you say “drown in Love”. it is so true. It is like having your lungs fill with the most nourishing fluids that allows little deaths of all the things holding us back.
    Thank you for spreading the good word!
    .-= Amelia´s last blog ..A Brief Guide to Experiencing Love Everywhere =-.

    • avatar says

      Love this, Amelia! Life – and love – move in mysterious ways. And love is definitely crawling through the blogosphere!

      “It is like having your lungs fill with the most nourishing fluids that allows little deaths of all the things holding us back.” Thank you for this fire.

      A cyberhug to you, sweet one…

  4. avatar says

    Gail, I love this post, and was thinking on something this morning seeking an awareness check on it, wondering what the message was for me.. and this helps!

    *Offer Love Where It Was Once Denied

    *Each rigid belief system, each grudge and tender feeling exist because there was a time in our lives when love was denied. We didn’t have the strength, understanding, or support to feel our painful emotions. They split off from the whole

    (In this way, Love Heals and Restores Awareness, without judgment.)

    *The power of true loving awareness truly heals.

    Thank you so much!!
    xx Jenn
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..Our Finale Fireworks Guest Post- The Art of Compassionate Living w- Joe Buchanan =-.

  5. avatar says

    Hi Gail,

    Both articles in this series are fantastic.

    The healing power of love. So beauitful and so infinite. I love the way you said to offer love where it has been denied. There is so much that can be said about that single statement! We can even direct that same concept outwardly to others. Think of the effects that would have!!

    And I think you’re right…Love is all around the blogosphere!

    • avatar says

      Hi Keith,

      So glad to see you over here. Thanks for visiting.

      I’m happy that you mentioned not only offering love to ourselves where it has been denied, but to everyone else as well. Sometimes we see and feel the pain of someone else. Rather than feeling frustrated that there is nothing to do to help, we can always open our hearts a little wider. This is the kind of movement that promotes a real shift in ourselves and our world.

      It’s wonderful to meet you. Sending love…

  6. avatar says

    We will never understand love but don’t you think, Gail, that this is the miracle ever open before us: we can experience love. We can know love. We can feel love.
    We can see a young mother with two small children having a delightful time together in a coffee shop and they are not separate from us, I am the young mother, I am the child laboring earnestly over his homework, I am the child snuggling so rapturously in his mum’s arms.
    Love is the only true language that exists: love and truth, the Light of our lives and of this world. The lack of love everywhere may seem powerful but it is an illusion. “Love never faileth,” some of the truest words ever written.
    .-= Christopher Foster´s last blog ..Where’s your special place =-.

    • avatar says

      Wow, Chris,

      Not only do I think this is the miracle, I experience it as such. It’s so, so beautiful – your expression of the universality of love popping up everywhere, overflowing.

      Your words are like a sweet sonata: “Love is the only true language that exists: love and truth, the Light of our lives and of this world.”

      Thank you so much for this beautiful sharing.

  7. avatar says

    Hi Gail,
    What a rich article. It is amazingly awakening to notice all the small ways we can give love. Once we start sincerely seeking opportunities to give the options are endless. When we stick our head in the sand and go selfishly through our day we think the world is cold, cruel place. I choose to appreciate and give it away… and sure enough it comes back in myriad ways I could never predict.
    .-= rob white´s last blog ..How to Vanish Tension in These Tough Times =-.

    • avatar says

      Yes, Rob, so many ways to give love. There is no separation between giving and receiving, in my experience, and it sounds like yours as well. We meet in the heart, in love, no difference, no separation.

  8. avatar says

    Love this third part of the series! I have never changed a habit, reached a goal, learned a soul lesson or anything else truly worthwhile without being enveloped in love and the power it has to undo, redo, uncover, and create. It makes magicians of us all. :)
    .-= Clearly Composed´s last blog .. Tuesday’s Thought =-.

    • avatar says

      There is so much wisdom in your words, CC. Thank you so much. I love that you say love has the power to “undo, redo, uncover, and create.” That about covers all of our potential for growth and transformation. It is essential because it is the essence of everything.

      I appreciate your sharing your insights here with us.

  9. avatar says

    Hi Gail.

    Love sure is a healer. When one person shows concern for the other person, the other person improves in some way, and we must recognize this type of assistance. Concern means a lot more than we think of it. We usually think concern is a short term thing that seems to be nice, but doesn’t actually make a difference, but it can take someone from stuck to unstuck.

    I know that when I provide energy or understanding to someone else, they are able to clear up some issue, and then are able to move on to the next step. It is like we are holding the ladder or some example like that.
    .-= Armen Shirvanian´s last blog ..All Becomes Chess At An Advanced Level =-.

    • avatar says

      This is a great point, Armen, and something I have been thinking of writing about. It’s not just about bringing love to the abandoned parts of ourselves. When we show up as a loving presence for others, miracles can happen. People want to be seen and accepted as they are. Offering that unconditional presence is an invaluable gift we can give another. It just might be enough to help them move forward.

      So glad you stopped by.

  10. avatarMiles says

    Hi Gail! I’m a 19 year old guy who’s been a bit of a philosopher since early childhood. I remember hearing “God is love” all throughout my life but those illusary “parts” of me continued to resist until now. I can’t thank you enough for your wise and kind words and I thank you for your guidance. I’ve returned home right here and now.




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